Frequently Asked Questions by Snap-Tracker™ Customers

Snap-Tracker™ is an app capable of providing remote access to a target Snapchat account. This software is based on mechanisms that identify and exploit the vulnerability of SS7 protocol.. The entire procedure, resulting in obtaining full access to a target account history by the client, is 100% automated.

This section was created primarily to help users in resolving any difficulties that may arise while running the software. In case you can’t find here an answer to your question, please contact the Customer Support.

What guarantees are provided to Snap-Tracker™ customers?

Any Snap-Tracker™ client is guaranteed full access to the history of a target profile containing confidential data. The client receives a payment request only after all the information is aggregated into an archive, checked by a built-in antivirus and prepared for being downloaded.

What promotions and bonus offers are available to Snap-Tracker™ customers?

App users can participate in promotions and take advantage of special offers, described in detail in the Pricing section. Affiliate Program members can hack Snapchat for free.

How is Snapchat hacked?

Online app automatically detects and exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by mobile operators. Snap-Tracker™ intercepts an SMS service message containing a secret code required to authorize an account on a new device. To activate software, you must specify a username or a phone number of a target user. For more details on Snapchat hacking, please refer to the Technical Documentation section.

What are the system requirements of Snap-Tracker™?

To make sure this app runs smoothly, you must fulfil obligatory conditions:

  1. Install the latest version of a web browser on your device (Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.).
  2. Provide a reliable connection to the Internet.
  3. Launch a VPN software tool for encrypting both incoming and outgoing traffic.

What kind of information does a client get after hacking a Snapchat account?

In a few minutes after launching the app, a user archive is generated in the Dashboard containing the following information:

  • Messages received and sent by a target subscriber
  • A log of incoming / outgoing audio and video calls
  • Photos and videos sent using Snapchat
  • Content posted by a target user (Snaps, Stories & Memories)
  • List of media brands available in the Discover tab.

How to prepare a target device before launching Snap-Tracker™?

The client needs neither to install any spyware nor to introduce any extra configuration changes on a target device. To launch the software, one must only specify a username or a phone number of a target subscriber. The process is fully automated and does not require any intervention on the client's part.

What is the size of a user archive?

The size of a file package containing a copy of a target account history directly depends on the activity of this target profile's owner. E.g., if he often sends photos / videos using Snapchat messenger and publishes Stories, this archive may exceed 1.5 GB. You are advised to free enough disk space in advance.

Is it totally secure to download a user archive to my device?

When a user archive is exported successfully, all its contents with no exception undergo a comprehensive antivirus scanning. A link for downloading it appears in your Dashboard right upon the completion of this procedure. The chance of encountering malicious files in an archive file package from a target Snapchat account is next to nothing. Antivirus scanning is needed to completely eliminate all the risks. Therefore, downloading this file package to your device is absolutely secure.

How to make sure my target won't notice that I'm using Snap-Tracker™?

The software secretly monitors a target profile. Nevertheless, some client actions can evidence intrusion (e.g., creating new chats, sending photos and videos on behalf of your target, changing account settings, and publishing new stories).

How legitimate is using the software?

Snapchat features by default allow recovering an account on a new device. This messenger's security system regards Snap-Tracker™ as an alternative to the standard recovery function and does not identify this software's actions as an unauthorized interference. It's worth noting that the client’s actions become illegitimate only after he personally confirms the fact of hacking.

Can I count on total anonymity while running Snap-Tracker™?

To maximize anonymity, you are advised to use cryptocurrency (e.g., BTC ) as the main financial instrument. Bitcoin ensures complete confidentiality and makes it impossible to identify both payment sender and its recipient. Moreover, you can encrypt all incoming and outgoing traffic. To do this, launch some VPN software before commencing a new session.

How many times can I use Snap-Tracker™?

Any client can use the web app features over and over again. The number of sessions is not limited in any way. Regular clients can get extra discounts significantly reducing the cost of hacking Snapchat accounts. Pricing section.