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Advertise the online software and earn bonus points. Use earned bonuses to pay for Snapchat hacking sessions launching.

Individual Link:

Spread your affiliate link by posting it on third party websites, attract referrals and earn bonus funds. If you have enough bonus points, you'll be able to hack Snapchat for free.

Conditions of Participation

Snap-Tracker™ customers are assigned unique affiliate links. For each user that makes a click-through, creates an account and pays for services using such a link, bonus funds are credited that can be used to pay for Snapchat hacking sessions. Manage bonus points through your Dashboard.

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    Post your unique affiliate link on third-party platforms and attract new customers.


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    Earned funds will be automatically transferred to your personal account immediately.


Monitor your performance in the affiliate program using the Dashboard

* Monitor conversions made using your personal link in real time.

Conversions Overview

Accounting period: 1 January 2019 - 1 January 2020

Accounting period: 1 January 2019 - 1 January 2020

Accounting period: 1 January 2019 - 1 January 2020

Conversions Number Registrations Earned
check 1 1 1.00 USD
check 7 0 0 USD
check 12 1 1.00 USD
check 4 1 1.00 USD
check 46.367.244.14 1 0 0 USD
check 56.781.64.25 3 1 1.00 USD
Referrals +4
Amount 4.00 USD
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Become a member of the affiliate program and gain access to extra perks related to using this web-app's features.

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Requests submitted by affiliate program members are processed by our online consultants with a high priority. Customer Support Team